Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rose Red Dramatic Sequence Clips - 4/27/13

Dramatic sequences for Rose Red from rehearsals on 4/27/13

Snow and Mother

Rose, Snow and Mother

Arrival of Bear Prince and Bear leaves for Spring; Snow, Rose, Mother and Bear

Snow and Rose collect firewood. Dwarf gets beard caught in tree (leads into Gold dances); Snow, Rose, and Dwarf
And yes, this thumbnail is awesome!

Dwarf gets beard caught in fishing line (leads into Pearl dances); Snow, Rose, Dwarf and lead Fish

Girls come upon jewels. Dwarf confronts them. Bear confronts Dwarf (somehow I didn't tape the girls/dwarf interaction right before Jewels); Snow, Rose, Dwarf and Bear

"Go'in to the chapel/ Gonna get married". Wedding scene; Snow, Rose, Bear/Prince, Prince #2, Mother

Enjoy the dance that is life!


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