Monday, September 24, 2012

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

Oh I'm a lucky girl surrounded by awesome people!

I've posted lately about breaking down the "Thriller" dance in preparation for Thrill The World Day (TTW).

My friend Melanie has kept me on track with using the right video tutorials.

*Side note; one of these days I'm going to do a post on Melanie's Zumba journey. I remember back in around '08ish telling her about Zumba and how fun it was. "I could never do that. I'm not coordinated enough for that!", are pretty close to her exact words. Now, half the time I'm watching her while I teach for inspiration! She is a beautiful and fierce beast on the Z floor!

Well, last Friday I was breaking down a bit more of the dance right before Zumba class. And I was starting to get those feelings of, "What have I got myself into?". I'm terrible at talking and dancing. So talking through the steps while doing them, while at tempo can definitely get a little dodgy for me!

Lucky for me, an angel named Brittany was in class. She let me know that there was a version of the song that had voice over cuing for the moves that corresponded with the tutorial I was using.

Brittany had emailed it to me by the time I got home. It's loaded and ready to be used this morning.

My 15 year old daughter and I had fun practicing with it last night. Okay, I was practicing the dance, Caitlyn, however, was trying to see if she could Dougie to Thriller. I was going to insert a link to a tutorial on how toDougie, but it became quickly apparent that it was going to be a long search for an explicit language free video. Search at your own risk!

A big thank you to Brittany!

I'm ready to get my Zombie on!

Enjoy the dance that is life!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thriller Tutorial Update!

A few days ago I posted some tutorials that I thought were helpful for breaking down and learning the Thriller dance in preparation for TTW Day.

Well my friend Melanie went with her kids to one of our local TTW practices and noticed that the dance they use is more specific to one of the tutorials.

Its the one that is linked on the official site. Actually its a series of clips. 40 to be exact.

I tracked down clip 39 of 40. If you need to see the tutorial in its entirety you can find it by

First going to the TTW site

Second, go to "Learn the dance" and click on "video links". There you will have the options of all sorts of sections to chose from in learning the dance.

There is also a "dance script".

Today our script is;

Zombie March

(forward) right left right left
(take-it-back) right left right left
(to-the-front) right left right left
(take-it-back) right left right left

March Booty Swim

(forward) *shoulder step nothing step *shoulder step *shoulder step
(back) *shoulder step nothing step *shoulder step *shoulder step
(step) booty bounce (together) booty bounce
(step) booty bounce (together) booty bounce
swim together swim jump (hold)
swim together swim jump


Shuffle Ha Slide

shuffle back hop hop forward
turn look stare stare
down ha down ha down ha down ha
down clap slide slide slide stomp and shoulders look left
down clap slide slide slide stomp and shoulders and prep

Hip N’ Roar

right hip right hip right hip in out
left hip left hip in and roar
walk walk roar-turn roar-turn roar-turn
walk walk roar-turn roar-turn
jump and land circle
shake-it-and-a-uppa and a shake-it-and-a-uppa
stomp stomp stomp look left
walk left right left and turn

Wuz Up

(forward on right leg) wuz up 1-2-3
left right 1-2-3
(take-it-back) right left 1-2-3
left right 1-2-3

Shuffle Ha Slide

shuffle back hop hop forward
turn look stare stare
down ha down ha down ha down ha
down clap slide slide slide stomp and shoulders look left
down clap slide slide slide stomp and shoulders look left

A big Thank You to Melanie for keep'in me on track!

Enjoy the dance that is life!

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Thriller" Tutorials For TTW Day.

Thrill The World Day is on Oct. 27th. I'm still breaking down the dance, little by little, and working on it with my Zumba class. Monday and Friday mornings, 8:15am-8:30am I teach a section at a time.

Click here to check the TTW Chico's practice schedule.

Learning the dance from Thriller is new to me too. I've found some tutorials that I like, as well as some that others like. Everyone learns and/or responds to instruction a little differently.

Check out these tutorials and learn the dance!

This link is a 40 part series of clips.

I like this You Tube tutorial.

This one I fine helpful too.

Have fun!

Enjoy the dance that is life!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thrill The World!

Thrill The World Day (TTW) 2012 is Saturday October 27th 2012.
This from the TTW website;

What is Thrill The World?

Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Every October, since 2006, Funky Zombies across the globe gather to synchronize their watches and dance to the greatest selling record of all time – Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Volunteer event organizers in cities around the world organize events using the Thrill The World leaders manual and Thrill The World tool box.

Anyone can organize an event! No age requirement or experience necessary! And there is no limit to the number of events in each city!

Each event raises money for a local or not-for-profit charity of their choice.

Michael Jackson's Thriller was released in December of 1983. The dance in the video of a mob of funky zombies has been iconic ever since!

I was around 13 years old when it came out and I watched that video at least a million times. I never really learned the dance though. I don't know why that is, but whatever. It's a fun dance for all ages, so what better time than now.

Michael Jackson's life, and untimely death, was and still is steeped in controversy. But nobody can deny the effect his life's work has had on pop culture (here and abroad) and music across the globe.

For the first time ever I am setting about to learn the Thriller dance and I'm gonna take as many as will go on the journey with me!

My plan is to break it down little by little in my Zumba class. I will be providing information for folks local to me as to where they can get even more practice.

In Chico, Ca. locals can join up with Thrill The World Chico. On their site you can find a calendar of practice time and locations, as well as tutorial videos and other resources.

Check in your local area, or surrounding area for TTW events going on.

I was tinkering around on You tube for tutorials. Here's some of what I found;

I have posted Part 3, but you should be able to find Parts 1 &2, as well as others.

And of course, Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Let's get busy!

Enjoy the dance that is life!