Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rose Red Dramatic Sequence Clips.

Okay. Here are clips of the video sequences we have so far. I will post the newer, and more refined ones as they come. Use these to help refresh your memory about what happens when.

I have also posted the Gold Solo. I thought I had lost the video, but I found it. Yeah!

As a reminder, these are posted to You Tube under "Unlisted" meaning you need to have the link to watch them.

1).Rose Red; Arrival of Bear (Mom, Snow, Rose, Bear)

2). Rose Red; Rose and Snow gather wood. Come up Dwarf with beard caught in tree (Snow, Rose, Dwarf)
3). Rose Red; Dwarf fishing, gets beard caught in line. Snow and Rose come upon him (Dwarf, Snow, Rose) 
4). Rose Red; Dwarf admires his jewels. Snow and Rose come upon him, just before Jewels dance (Dwarf, Snow, Rose)
5). Rose Red; Dwarf confronts girls, Bear confronts Dwarf. After Jewels dance (Dwarf, Snow, Rose, Bear)
6). Bear Prince #1 explains curse to girls (Prince #1, Snow, Rose)
7). Rose Red; Wedding (Prince#1, Snow, Prince #2, Rose, Mother)
8). Rose Red; Ending (Prince#1, Snow, Prince #2, Rose, ? Mother).
Rose Red; Gold Solo
Enjoy the dance that is life!

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