Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Site I've Found; Fascia Freedom Fighters.

On Tuesdays I try to do a thing called "Technique Tuesdays", where I break down a small element of dance training. Yesterday I was going to type up a little something, but I really wanted to something more in depth. So, I'm going to just work on what I really want to do for next Tuesday.

Here are past 'Technique Tuesdays";

Placement Of The Leg In Tendu Side. A Simple Scarf Trick!

The "Pinned Butterfly".

More On The "Pinned Butterfly" {Placement For The Hips And Shoulders In Front Tendu.}

Opening Up The Collarbone...Upper Body Alignment For Ballet.

Pelvic Alignment In First Postion Plie.

Pelvic Alignment In Second Position Plie.

A new site I stumbled upon, Fascia Freedom Fighters, is proving to be awesome. I highly recommend you check it out.

A post I received yesterday was filled with links to other sites I love. A regular linked up love-fest.

DIY Friday: Piriformus Syndrome, The Literal Pain In The Ass.

I suffer from pain in the piriformus region (Oh, me arse!).

Where is the piriformus? Its location is explained in the link.

There was also this great video. I have done this exercise with a lacrosse ball, but I want what the woman has.

Click here to watch if you haven't already in the previous link.

Enjoy the dance that is life!


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