Monday, April 2, 2012

Straighten Up For Spring! Exercise #2.

Let's do some more work on that posture of ours. For exercise #1 click here.

Okay, so we are laying on the floor, on our back with knees bent, hips and feet  about hip width apart. Be sure not to let those knees "knock" each other. Maintain them firmly in place, hip width apart, while engaging in exercises.

We will move to the backs of our shoulders (scapulae). They should be relaxed and spread as flat as possible, being sure to listen to your body for signs of pain, on the floor. Visualize lacing up the front of your rib cage, while allowing the back of the rib cage to melt into the floor.

We now journey to our hip and pelvic region. For a look at what we will do next, click  here. Our back is in a neutral position when the natural lumbar curve (the curve of our lower back) is present. By tilting the pelvis towards the ribs we flatten out that curve, creating an elongated spine. Then release and go back the neutral spine position. That is one set. You can do repetitions at a medium tempo, or hold the tilt portion for longer before releasing. Keep the focus on the pelvis and keep the work out of the legs.

As you work between the two pelvic tilt positions engage the core by pulling the belly button to the spine.

Quick, check in with the shoulders and ribs!

Following the guidelines of how many, how often (3-5x, a few times a week or daily) from exercise #1, add ex. #2 for your journey to getting and maintaining healthy posture.

*Note to ladies; doing pelvic tilts is a great time to add in some Kegel exercises.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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