Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Losing" It With Zumba!

I've never really gotten into the NBC show The Biggest Loser. I tried to follow last season's show, but wandered away a few episodes in. Not that I don't find many of the contestants stories inspiring and compelling, I just have limited tolerance for the format (standard reality show fare) of a show like BL. Add a dose of Zumba though...

I was clued into the appearance of Zumba on an upcoming  BL episode from Facebook postings by other Zumba instructors. So I had to tune in.

Check it out here!

So amid an ocean of my sons' laundry that I was folding and two slightly disgruntled teenage daughters, I watched the segment (in real time as opposed to DVR, hence the dissing and gruntling).

I actually whooped a few times. Grinned like a maniac. Bounced wildly on my exercise ball (I sit on it to fold laundry - tip for the day!). I felt a few tears well up, because I have seen firsthand the joy a Zumba experience can bring to people, and the real life successes people have had with Zumba.

On a side note; my 18 year old daughter uttered, "Oh My..." when trainer Dolvett Quince appeared on the TV screen. :)

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