Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesome Abs, Part Deux...

A few days ago I posted a video of ab exercises that I came across from an e-mag I subscribe to.
Here is the video in case you didn't find it in my previous post.

Well I finally tried it. Love it! Below I have some recommendations for each exercise.
I repeated the series, in its entirety, 3 times. You can do the same, or repeat each exercise 3 times (or however many you would like to start with.) before moving on to the next exercise in the series.

Reverse Sit-up; a set of 15 (if this is a new exercise to you, 8-10 is a good place to start).
Careful not to allow the momentum of the legs rule the exercise. I focused on sending my legs straight up and down.

Criss-Cross; 10 sets (I counted to 20, odd #s on R/even #s on L). 5 sets is a good beginners goal. I had to remind myself to slow down and not speed through each one. The pearl of this exercise is found in using proper form and technique, not speed at which executed.

V-Sit; 5 sets. If you have never done a v-sit check out my modifications in the earlier post. A mod that worked for me was to circle the arms around from their overhead position as I came up into the v. Much more challenging to keep them overhead the whole time, so I've got my work cut out for me.

Side Plank Crunch; 10 on each side. If this is a new exercise for you, focus on nailing down the position of the side plank. 5-8 is a great starting place.

Planks; 1 minute, arms straight. New to planks? 15-30 secs. is a good place to start. Wrist issues? Try the planks with your hands fisted downward, or better yet, on your forearms. Remember, become the board.

Superman; 5 sets, each held in the up position for 5 counts. If the arms behind the head is not appropriate for you (shoulder issues, not strong enough yet, etc...), try leaving your hands in front of you, in a hand over hand position, just don't use the arms to do the work. Or place your hand over hand arrangement against your forehead when you go into the up part of the exercise. You still get the extra resistance, but without as much strain. Squeeze those glutes and point those toes!

I hope some of the ideas and modifications come in handy.

I want to try and do this little diddy at least two times a week. Anyone want to play along? Let me know what you think. Getting results?

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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