Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dance Concept; Don't Lose Your Marble.

So I've been teaching Balletone classes on a more regular basis. I'm pretty psyched about it. For the gym I teach at it's been kind of a "filler" class (covering for a regular instructor who teaches step aerobics. I don't do step. That would be more of a comedy/slapstick hour thing for me to do), I've been kinda doing a hybrid Zumba/Balletone sampler plate. People seem pretty enthusiastic about the Balletone format, so it's looking like Balletone will become a regular class at this particular gym. It's been fun doing the first half hour as a Zumba, sometimes even a little Zumba Toning, then kicking off the shoes and socks and getting into our Balletone zone. This morning it was fun and functional, if not down right necessary. The group ex. room was like a freaking penguin den!
Regardless of the room temp at any given time, the demands for balance, agility and mind body connection in the movements of Balletone, or dance related movements often gets my brain spinning for the best ways to explain a movement concept. Also, many an interesting conversation about challenges in movement have come up. I love it! I could probably talk for days on end about it, as some unlucky souls I'm sure have found out the hard way.
I'm going to talk about only one right here.
Maintaining proper hip and pelvic alignment through a series of moves, or for a singular pose, can be challenging.
Think of a marble on a tabletop. If you keep the tabletop level, the marble will stay centered.
A brief tutorial...

Hope this little tip helps. I know it helps me when trying to connect my mind to my body.

Thanks for hanging out!

Enjoy the dance that is life!


  1. Great way to know if you are doing your poses correctly. Loved your Christmas tree decorations also.

  2. Thanks Kelley! I've got a little coven of Santas on the piano :)

  3. very helpful. I'm sure my marble fell off the table top many times! I will think about it more consciously next balletone class. Thanks Erin! I'm so happy this will be a regular format!!!

    1. I'm pretty jazzed too Melanie! Your support means a lot to me :)