Thursday, December 27, 2012

A New Year...

It's hard to believe that a whole new year is shortly upon us, even though I say the same thing every year.

I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions. I usually think if something is a good habit to start or stop, there's no time like the present. With that said, I think it's almost impossible not to view the time of changing over to a new year as one where new beginnings can spring.

There are the usual things that I try to remind myself to get back on top of. The piles of "oh, I'll get to that later, or "this weekend" (I'm a surface space abuser) and "I'm so going to keep that drawer, counter, section of the house tidy". My garden is off the hook. I've fully committed to growing a healthy crop of "screw it" in those raised beds. It just graduated to the Maybe When The Kids Are Up and Out list.

There are the soft chewy resolutions; more time with the kids, finding more inner piece, staying connected to friends more. I really think of these as everyday resolutions.

Even  though January 1st 2013 will not contain a new me, there are some goals that I would like to cross off the list floating around in my ol' brain pan sometime during 2013.

Clean up, or rather, re clean up my eating;

About a year and a half ago (2 years? Damn, time passes quickly). I made changes to my family's diet. Using the paleo diet as my template, I cut out wheat and glutens, seriously reduced our sugar intake, legumes and almost all dairy. I abandoned the notions that I grew up with, "Move more, eat less" and "High carb and low fat is the only healthy way to eat". I've had what I would consider great success, and I know my family has benefited greatly as well.

But it's easy to get a little sloppy over time. Sure, I keep wheat glutens away and we still don't consume anywhere near the amount of sugar we once did. But I have my less than fab choices. Plus, Richard and I never really did the 30 days grain-free, dairy-free, legume-free as recommended by Robb Wolf in The Paleo Solution Diet. Richard mentioned he was game to try with me. If not, I will brave it myself. It wouldn't be too different from how I eat now, just less snaky type stuff, which would get replaced with real food choices. I've grown very accustomed to preparing foods, thanks to this lovely lady and her website,  Everyday Paleo.

Learn more about blogging;

I'm slowly, slowly learning as I go. I really enjoy reading the blogs of others and I love the thought of being able to reach out to others on subjects.
Cleaning up my diet and increasing my blogger-rific blog skills are more than likely going to conjoin into a new blog about my struggles, successes and failures with using paleo, primal and gluten-free as a template for the chow my family eats. Plus, I'll have a place to swear like a sailor and over share ;)

Since body tissue maintenance is coming up on the list, hopefully there will be more "rolling" on this blog.

Use my Trigger Point GRID more;

Shameless plug time! I'm a TPTherapy affiliate. Within the right side column there is a link to TPTherapy products for which, full disclosure, I get a small percentage if you purchase through the link on my blog. Whether you go through my site or not, its a product line I believe in.
I've been known to call it "making sweet love to my Trigger Point GRID". I love my GRID roller. But you would think otherwise the way I've been ignoring it lately. I need to roll out my muscles on a more regular basis.


More specifically, Bikram Yoga, sometimes known as hot yoga. I'm a novice at yoga in general and any yoga style would probably be of benefit. I'm a wimp when it comes to working out in heat. I'm okay if I heat up while working out, and in general I sweat like a pig as it were. But exercising in a heated room seems crazy to me. So why try it? To see if it will help all those tight, locked up parts in my body. And to see if I can "take the heat". Hopefully my innards won't liquefy.

Do more bodyweight training;

Handstands, pull-ups and many other moves that contribute to a rich vocabulary of functional movement. There are some great resources out there and I hope to learn what I can.
Animal Flow Workout and Global Bodyweight Training. I love the thought of combining this with dance moves!
MovNat. I've never been a very outdoorsy type. I did a lot of hiking as a kid. But between being an only child and having a dad that frequently referred to me as a "candy-ass", well you can do the psychological math on that one. I also spent a great deal of time in dance studios during my youth. Pointe shoes and the elements of outside don't mix well.
I don't think I will be throwing around boulders or dragging logs, but there's many other fun and functional moves I'm game for.
Gold Metal Bodies. I recently found this site. I'm excited to learn more. Tutorials, tips and tricks.
Har'core Pakour! I do not foresee myself scaling walls or jumping over picnic tables, but there are some basics that look doable and are pretty functional moves to have. Here's a great tutorial that I plan to modify for my own endeavors;

From the Fifth Ape blog.

This about as crazy as my shit gets! For now.
I plan on improving my knee drop jumps. I didn't learn those until just a month or so ago. I point that out because I'm 42 and not anywhere near extraordinary, meaning that we all have the potential to learn how to do awesome things!

Master my webcam;

I finally got a laptop a few months ago. Between trying to avoid shelling out dough for Windows 8, the offers of near constant upgrades from Lenovo and a new format for iTunes I've actually grown weary of shouting the f-word at my new electronic. But I do like having a webcam that can travel to which ever room in my house isn't in total disarray. Now I just need tips on how not to look like the Crypt-Keeper when my face is up close to the screen.

So those are the list toppers for my new Year's list, or course after the things that are really important!

Do you make New Year's resolutions? What are they? Any anti Crypt-Keeper tips?

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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