Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things I Just Love To Hear From My "Z-eoples"!

Yup. "Z-eoples" is a made up word. It's my word for the Zumba people in my life. Participants, enthusiasts, colleagues, mentors, etc... I don't throw it around much because it has a special meaning to me in my soft and chewy core!

This post is about the things I love to hear from my Zumba participants!

"Great energy in class today" - The beauty of this statement is that it is always a two-way street. I throw in some and I get a whole bunch thrown back at me! I love it!

"I think I'm actually starting to get the steps!" - I always remind new participants that it's not about getting all the steps right away. The steps will come. You got only two steps down? That's two more than zero! Besides, we tend to learn movements in exponentially bigger and bigger batches. Start with a small batch, next will be bigger, so on and so on.

"I feel happy for the rest of the day after Zumba!" coupled with "My boyfriend says I should do Zumba everyday!" :)

"I set a weight loss goal. I've met that goal, and taking Zumba was a big part of that" - I am always moved when I can be a part of helping someone reach their goals.

*This one I received in a card.
"My husband passed away last year after a long terminal illness. Starting Zumba has brought joy back into my life." - Just writing that makes me start to cry. I felt so honored and blessed to receive that card. The Zumba room, wherever it is located, is sacred ground!

"I went hiking, started to lose my footing, but caught it and didn't trip!" - Score one for agility and coordination!

"I got my friend to finally come. She had so much fun! She really needs something like this."

*Not everything is said with words!

I love it whens I see a participant get totally into a move. -  They whip their hair, let loose into that shimmy or booty shake and surrender to the moves and the tunes. Even if they miss the start of the next step, it tells me that they are feeling comfortable, free and sassy!

Someone has watched a few classes from the other side of the window (the not fun side) with a look on their face that says "I could never do that. It looks too hard. I'm too uncoordinated." Then they finally can't take it anymore and jump in! It's amazing how quickly that look of can't turns into "Hell ya I can do this!"

I could probably go on and on. Above are just some of my favorites. I've got many more. Some that I keep very close to my heart.

I love you "Z-eoples"!!

Here's some of the fun musical selections I used today!

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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