Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rolling Out The Glutes For Beginners.

I am forever battling sore glutes, which in turn makes my lower back tight and sore. Despite having two Trigger Point GRIDs and a high-density foam roller I don't roll nearly as much as I should. One of my promises to myself in the New Year is to roll out my trouble spots on a more regular basis.

Below is a video showing some beginner rolling techniques for the glutes and piriformis.

In an effort to hone my skills as an "armchair diagnostic specialist" for myself I stumbled upon a term "piriformis syndrome". Hmmmm...

Here is a cute video (cute referring to the clever use of captions and the presenter) for a great stretch for the glutes and piriformis .

In my searching I found this video about piriformis syndrome. It has a great, and simple, exercise for a technique referred to as "nerve flossing", or something along those lines, for the sciatic nerve. It also has the stretch from the video above.

Want to learn a bit more about piriformis syndrome? This video had some interesting info.

Don't have a rolling device? Interested in getting a roller? I highly recommend the TPTherapy GRID. On the right side of this site there is a TPTherapy link. Full discloser- I am an affiliate for TPTherapy products, so if you purchase through the link I receive a small percentage. It's a product I believe in.

Hope this info is helpful!

Enjoy the dance that is life!



  1. Thanks Erin,

    I had forgotten which roller you recommended this was great timing for me.