Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bump That Step Up; Use Your Head!

The human head holds many things. A brain, thoughts, dreams and in my case, lots of choreography and dirty limericks. The human head also holds the ability to work as a mace. A ball on the end of a chain (spine). Just like trying to control the weight of a kettle bell during a swing, our heads have a considerable amount of weight that our bodies, preferable our cores, have to try and control. This can be used to our advantage when we want to bump up the heat on a step.

Let's take the basic Salsa step used in the Zumba format.

The following video progresses from the basic Salsa step to one with a little more umph. Then further progresses to a more challenging version that uses the weight of the head to increase the work that the core must do.

Take a look...

The next time you feel free and easy with your Salsa step, throw in some sass and use that head!

Switching from Zumba to Balletone- here is a post that I was trying to put up a few days ago, but Blogger was being poopy. So I put it on my other blog A perspective on balancing.

Thanks for hanging out.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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