Monday, January 28, 2013

Cross Blog Monday. (And, I Went To My First "Glow Party"!)

It's another episode of Cross Blog Monday. In an effort to learn my way around WordPress and to explore a secret love of mine (writing) I started another blog, Less about tutorials, more about recipes and the stuff banging around in my mother of four head. Ha! That last sentence makes it sound like I have four heads. Mother-of-four head. Talk about having eyes in the back of your head!

First, some recipes;

Garlicy Shrimp and Cauliflower "Rice" with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Capers.

"Grab What There Is" Slow-Cooker Chicken.

Dance teacher talk!
I was originally going to post this on this blog, but Blogger was being poopy that day.

Listen Up! It's Your Dance Teacher Talking...

Balancing out the issues of balance.


Weekend Wind Tunnel.

Here are some topics that have hit my radar this week, caused me pause to think about or gave me food for thought (which is just another way of saying “gave me pause to think about”).

And...Now I yammer on some more!


So I went to my first Zumba "Glow Party" this weekend. If you're not familiar with the term, it's basically a big dance party with disco ball effects and black lights. Usually multiple instructors will present routines. The "glow" comes from the black lights picking up white anything; clothing, make-up and in my case nail polish. To be more exact the party was a combo of Zumba and U-Jam Fitness. I was one of the Zumba instructors, so that made it extra exciting. Plus, my long time friend who happened to be swinging by with her husband decided to join me, having never done Zumba or U-Jam before. Two "virgins" hitting the town (remember, it was my first "gp").

Well it was nothing short of a blast! If there are two things I love in regards to dance they are getting out and hitting the dance floor and getting to do other instructors' routines. Of course I love leading a class and whipping out original choreography, as well as bringing to life the choreography of others. But pretty much all instructors start off as students. That's where the first sparks of Zumba-love are lit. I think for most, that flame burns eternal. I've been to licensing and choreography workshops full of other instructors. They are pretty fun, but given the choice I prefer opportunities with a mix of instructors and Zumba lovers and enthusiasts. That love of just busting out and dancing comes through with a purity unmatched.

More often than not I wake up the morning after a night of dancing, whether it be out in the bar scene, a master class or the occasional party or reception wondering "How crazy was I?" or "Man, I'm pretty sure I made a ass/fool/spectacle of myself." My one saving grace, I actually make sure it is a sanctioned dance floor and that I am not some crazed lunatic dancing all by myself. Just a crazed lunatic dancing among others. I can't help but dance with every fiber of my being, unless I am injured. Then it's just best I stay away from any open space and booming music.

When I am teaching Zumba I am the queen of the goofy faces. I don't know why I can't just leave it at a serene and pleasant smile. "The Frat-Boy", "Maniac's Grin" and the "Ohhh, Guuurrrl!" are among my regular mugs. To be anything else, especially at this point, would be unnatural and insincere. Case in point, about a year ago my household had suffered a tragic emergency over a weekend. The light of Monday morning brought with it many unknowns, worries and concerns. Really, I should have just found a sub for my Monday morning Zumba class, but my mind was still reeling from all that had happened over the weekend. Everything I did was an exercise in "going through the motions". I actually did have a pleasant and serene smile. And everybody knew something was horribly wrong. I had no intention of telling my students about what was going on, but between the looks of concern on their faces and having one of them be a neighbor who saw an ambulance at our house I had to come clean. Not just to assuage anyone's concerns, but also I felt the need to get as many people praying for someone who was fighting for their life (not one of my family members, but my oldest daughter's best friend). I'm glad I did. Hands to hold and shoulders to cry on. Within the week there were people on the other side of the world adding their prayers and support. And I had tons of support to help carry me as I tried to cope with watching my daughter loose her last bit of childhood innocence in watching a beloved friend pass.

I guess all that to say "Smoke 'em when you got 'em" or rather "Dance your ass off every chance you get!" Life is short and unpredictable. I've waged my battles against demons in my life, as so many others have. The world is filled with a never ending supply of joy, enough for everyone. Unfortunately the same holds true for misery. As long as it isn't hurting anyone else, GO GET YOU SOME JOY WHEN AND WHERE YOU CAN.

Thanks for reading.
Enjoy the dance that is life!


  1. Erin, your facial expressions are part of the magic of your class! It's so sincere - it gives everyone permission to get into the groove...and you're right if you weren't expressing - it wouldn't seem natural. Gotta feel it! You are da bomb!

  2. Thanks Melanie! When I was still doing a lot of intense ballet training I developed this crazy habit of smiling and mouthing the counts when doing really fast jump combinations. I think I've kicked that habit (almost). Hey, if it gets people comfortable with moving I will make a million crazy faces!