Monday, August 20, 2012

Inspiring Words; No Use In Worrying.

“If you have a problem that can be fixed, then there is no use in worrying. If you have a problem that cannot be fixed, then there is no use in worrying.” – Buddhist proverb

I came across this quote in an article I was reading in the Sept. 2012 issue of Health magazine. The article was about how resilient one was when having to bounce back from some of life's setbacks. "How To Bounce Back Better" is the article's title. Pretty good article. I can't seem to locate it right now on the Internet, but I'm sure it will be up at some point.

No doubt we are in troubling times. Sometimes overwhelming and with no end in sight. I know for myself that when I start in with the "worries" I can find myself pretty spun out. The repercussions of the spin out can obscure potentially viable solutions. Instead of ideas and solutions come old mental recordings of past failures and my perceived short-comings (some may be legit, others not).

Sometimes getting worked up over a worry can inspire action. Again, speaking for myself, I usually have to have a pretty strong dose of frustration and anger for my brain pan to heat up with something usable. Perhaps it's the anger and frustration that conquers the, at times, paralyzing effects of being worried. I couldn't tell ya for sure. But many a time I have found myself stuck in a state of worry.

*Side note- checkout the Psychology Today website for some interesting reading.

So I hope this proverb can give some perspective. I know I will be running it through my head as I ramp up for a week of trials and tribulations. Perhaps keeping the worry-monster at bay will help me to better focus on enjoying all my blessing!

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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