Monday, December 23, 2013

Dance Fitness Routine; "Girl On Fire".

I think I promised awhile ago that I would throw together a video of this routine for my Zumba class. The choreography was inspired by my love of contemporary jazz dance.

 I filmed it after a long day of teaching dance classes, hence my refusal to wear shoes for another minute. I've been trying to foster "Bun Solidarity" so as to encourage consistent bun-age among my youthful ballet students. Push-ups will be the prize for failure to comply come 2014. 10 for no bun, 5 for pathetic attempts. You've been warned my lovlies!

All that aside, here it is. Replete with my signature crazy dance faces. I dare you not to sing along or make a show of some passion to this fabulous song (click link to buy "Girl On Fire" on iTunes) by the amazing Alicia Keys.
The video has a kind of abrupt ending, so don't scream or anything. In the event that a loved one does wander out to see why you were screaming, make them dance with you.

Thanks for hanging out and watching.

Enjoy the dance that is life!


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