Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance Video. Pon De Replay, song by Rihanna.

Here's another dance-fitness video. This song is an oldie (2005). Its a favorite of mine though!

*The video taping and editing was done by my good friend Brian Berry. Great job on the effects and pulling everything together. Many thanks!
Pon De Replay by Rihanna. It's from her Music Of The Sun album. You can find the song and album on itunes.

Be smart and healthy. Anytime you are going to bust out some moves check the physical space around you for possible hazards. Check what's on your feet, if anything. Low tread athletic shoes or tennies are good. Roll your shoulders a few times, do some slow squats, rotate your ankles. Basically loosen up those joints. Same advice if your about to start an interactive dance fitness video game (DDR, Just Dance, or any other).

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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