Monday, November 4, 2013

Perhaps It's Time For A Paradigm Shift; On how women view themselves.

We are all inundated with images through the media on how we are supposed to look, or what is considered ideal. The ridculously sad truth is that most of the images shoved in all of our faces are not even real. They are doctored through photoshop, lighting is manipulated and poses are struck that under normal conditions would have the people around you wondering as to your well being.

While it is important to find inspiration for health and well being, why does it always have to be based on something so superficial as a hot bod. Yes, most all of us want to look good. But so many of the images are along the lines of "Strong Is The New Skinny".

Here's what's wrong with images like the one above; the model is still very thin. Much thinner than most regular women living regular, very busy, non-photoshopped lives.

Even this image I believe withholds some important realities. There is no doubt that the model is strong and very ripped. She might also be at a body fat ratio that can, over time, cause serious side effects for women. Chronic fatigue, bone weakness, diminished mental abilities, depression and infertility among them. And we are still supposed to be supportive wives, on task mothers and real go-getters in this crazy game of life?

I love the results I get from doing pull-ups and doing squats with weights. I'm delighted to have gotten some of the roundness of my bum back from doing glute building exercises. Sometimes I will look at my abs and think "Oh, getting some jiggle. Uh-oh" or my thighs and think to myself "What am I doing wrong?"

NO! NO! NO! Stop it, stop it, stop it!

As women do we really need our abs to look like a man's? Aren't we supposed to have some squishy parts to be loved and squeezed?

Here's some perspective on why we have such a skewed view on body image.

Can we have a little space to just focus on striving for a body and perspective that is the result of healthy choices and achievements that aren't completely centered on a "hot bod"? What about feeding ourselves and our loved ones healthy foods, managing stress, finding time to fall madly in love with our passions, feeling renewed in our romantic relationships. Learning to love not just our real bodies and what they are capable of (in healthy ways!), but our minds and wisdoms gained from experience too.

Here's some more ridiculousness as to how the media bamboozles us with smoke and mirrors.

Let's start burning some new images into our collective consciousness.

Here's a couple to get started with.

Image source.

Image source.

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  1. Thanks Erin. I needed to read this too…I think it's the fear of the holiday season foods that can get in our heads this time of year. I love Jennifer Lawrence, beautiful. Here's to strength & health...NOT skinny & empty!