Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technique Tuesday; Maintaining Framework Of The Torso Through Change In Pelvic Angle.

I've missed a Tuesday or two, but here is another installment of Technique Tuesdays.

Today the focus is on maintaining the structure or framework of the torso while the angle of the pelvis changes. The change in the pelvic angle is due to the moving the leg from a front extension, though side and then to an arabesque (straightened leg extending back). In classical ballet terms it would be referred to as a rond de jambe en dehors (circle of the leg, to the outside, or traveling away from the body). Rond de jambes can be done the other direction as well, en dedans ( inside, towards the body). I only show it en dehors for this video, as en dedans comes with it own challenges (a tutorial for another day).

 I show it both with the pointed toes of the foot skimming the ground (a terre) and the leg in the air (grand rond de jambe). Rond de jambes are often done with the standing leg straight, but for this video my standing leg is in pliĆ©, as that is often how I demonstrate it in  Balletone class. Didn't know you were getting a French lesson as well!

A good way to start the practice of this move would be to use the back of a chair to help you to stabilize your balance. Just maintain an awareness of what your "barre" arm is doing. Do not lose awareness of the placement of the shoulder and arm, thus potentially putting your shoulder girdle out of whack, or rather, proper placement. From there, you can progress to not using the chair (wall, or what have you) support. I find this progression ideal in that there will be nothing to cause a wrenching of the arm, and there is a greater reliance on the muscles of the core for stabilization through the movement.

Thanks for watching! Please feel free to ask me any questions if anything was unclear, or you'd like to know more about the moves covered in the video.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

~ Erin

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