Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh Yeah, We be Twerkin'! A Valid I.D. Required And Will Be Checked At The Door.

Okay, clearly there is no way for me to check I.D.s, but you get my point. Although, I'm pretty sure most teens (and, gasp, younger) have many of these moves fairly dialed in. Whenever I work with a group of teens, I try to tone things down. Not because I think I will protect them from ever seeing these moves, but more out of respect for their age. Like not swearing in front of your grandparents, even though you've heard tales of their epic swear fests in their own youths.

Every week I look at numerous You Tube videos of dance routines and tutorials. Hip Hop, lyrical, contemporary, ballet, Zumba, fitness, body weight training and general booty shaking. I watch entire dance routines and tutorials for individual steps or maneuvers. Sometimes I'm hunting for something out of desperation, but for the most part I love my searches.

If you have ever done the You Tube shuffle then you probably know that you start with one video, and quickly find yourself going off into a few, if not many, different directions.

Anyhows, I found, what I think are some pretty good tutorials for I step I didn't realize that I didn't know the name of; Twerking.

I always thought this move was called "brunking". Oh, technicalities. One of the things I appreciate about this tutorial is the use of isolations in the hips. Using the fingers to help you learn whether you are emphasizing the pulsing back or pulsing forward movement. It just adds to body intelligence. Yes, booty shaking can be a part of the body (or should I say booty) intelligence matrix.

This next presenter is a goddess in my opinion. At some point, I will get this tutorial dialed in. Body rolls are something many people like to work on because the move can be fun and challenging. Even when one understands the concept and parts of a body roll, getting it to feel natural and smooth can take a long time. But it is one of those moves that the journey is part of the fun.

I love how she expresses gratitude to fans that have regaled her with tales of showing their new moves to their beaus, but reminds everyone that her tutorials are for dance training purposes. I think she did a pretty good job of differentiating.

Enjoy the dance that is life!

~Miss Erin

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