Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hips Don't Lie; Mine Are Tight!

I've got me some tight hips. Tightness in the hips affects the lower back, and from there all kinds of other things can get outta whack! So getting those hips opened up and stretched out becomes vital.

I love rolling on my Trigger Point GRID (I'm going to go to a tptherapy Smrt-Core workshop later this month. I'm super excited, so expect more on this topic!). I can tolerate getting deep with a lacrosse ball and my fascia (more on that to come as well). I stretch, do dynamic stretching (pre-work-out/warm up) as well as static stretching (post work-out/relaxation/peace out time). Do I do them on a consistent basis conducive to repair and proper body wellness maintenance? Uh....What was the question?

I've got to get serious! I want my hip and lower back health to take a front seat. The Prince Charming of Physical Well Being mostly likely is not going to gallop up on his trusty steed, Pain Free. Time to start smacking butts with my broom and send Step-Mom Cra Cra to mediation. Okay, enough with the fairy tale references, 'cause Dudes, I'm talking to you as well!

First, a video of someone who knows what the hell they are doing;

Now, a video from someone who knows considerably less; the first stretch shown is gentle and a great place to start. The second stretch is a bit more aggressive. Approach with caution.

I believe the seated yoga stretch pose that I do in the video is called The Fire Log.

To bad I didn't save the footage of me switching to do the pose on the other side. It was pretty funny, in a kinda sad way...

Yoga, yoga, to get me some. Get you some too! There are many different styles, find the right one for you. Look around for a qualified instructor or peruse the numerous products available for home use.

More to come. Maybe I'll even get my knees and feet to touch!
Wishing you happy hips!

Enjoy the dance that is life!

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