Friday, January 6, 2012

20 Best!

The other day I was searching for something on the web when I came across this posting on
I really appreciate the simple yet tried and true selection of exercises. They don't give any recommendations for number of reps or sets, or what exercises should be paired with what. Future post? Hmm...
What I really stand behind though, is incorporating pull-ups (chin-ups) into one's regular regiment. Ladies, fear not the pull up! I never even considered doing a pull-up up until about a year ago. But going through a step by step process of progressions (definately an upcoming post!) I did it. The benefits (bragging rights among them!) are amazing. Pull-ups are a very effective exercise to work the arms, upper body, back and core. Sure, you might get some calluses on your hands. Nobody will be noticing those. Strong sexy arms and upper body will get noticed though. Let's not forget that functional strength is always of value, no matter what one's goals are.
Don't belong to a gym? Need equiptment for the home? I've heard many rave reviews about this pull-up bar product.

Coming soon; Fun dance routines for kids!

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